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user's login script

Postby kerush » Fri Apr 01, 2005 3:55 pm

Hi all!
I'm new to macosx world, I come from the linux world.
I've got problems with linux on ppc (i can't use airport), so I've switched to macosx and I find it a great os! The bsd interface and the mach microkernel interation in very wonderful.
I've installed X11 et fink so I've (almost) everything that I had over linux. To start X11 normally I open a terminal and I type startx.
Now I want more flexibility: I want to create an user to automatically start X11 server in root mode, so when I log in with this user I can directly see X11 windows and I don't have to open a terminal and type startx...
I don't want to replace macosx window manager, so I don't want to modify /etc/rc to boot up X11 at boot time instead of apple's window server... I still want apple's login window but when I log in with X11 user I want to kick off X11 in root (fullscreen) mode. So I can login at the same time with another name and use aqua interface, I want collaboration not mutual exclusion...
Do it exist a login script to make me do this?
Thank in advance...

ps: anyone interested in writing an "X11 over darwin HowTo"?
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