libsigc++ and frameworkizing

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libsigc++ and frameworkizing

Postby samad_lotia » Wed Jun 26, 2002 1:38 am

I have installed libsigc++ ( on my computer by using the usual sudo make install. However, I would like to encapsulate libsigc++ into a Carbon framework. Why? Specifically for these benefits:
1. A person who downloads my project, which uses libsigc, will not have to install libsigc with the Terminal.
2. It's much easier to drag-and-drop a framework into a Project Builder project than to change the compilation options. (i.e, just drag the framework folder in to your project window verses adding "libsigc-config --cflags --libs" to the compilation options).
What I did is I created a Carbon framework project. I then added /usr/local/lib/libsigc.a to the Frameworks subfolder within the project and all the header files in /usr/local/include/libsigc/. Now it should be noted that in /usr/local/include/libsigc/, there is a /macros directory which contains C++ macros in m4 format. When I added the built libsigc framework to another project, it won't compile. It can't find the various header files. That can be fixed with a little tweaking. But how do I set up the framework where I don't have to do any tweaking? I'm also wondering if the m4 macros are going to cause some problems. How do I successfully "frameworkize" libsigc?
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