jpeg problems?

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jpeg problems?

Postby pmercier » Sat Sep 01, 2001 5:22 pm

I installed the jpeg libs, along with imlib, and Eterm still can't load jpeg backgrounds. Here is the error message I get when Eterm tries to display a jpeg image:

/convert: No such file or directory
/anytopnm: No suche file or directory
IMLIB error:cannot load image /usr/share/Eterm/pix/gaia.jpg (it exists)
All fallbacks failed

Obviously I have something set up wrong or I'm missing something in my PATH, but I just can't see what. All png backgrounds show up fine. Anyway body has a clue?

And thank you so much for porting Nedit! [img]images/icons/smile.gif"%20border="0[/img]
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Re: jpeg problems?

Postby <Siftah> » Thu Mar 06, 2003 9:09 pm

I'm having this problem too! most annoying, surely someone's found a fix for this ?

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