New to Iroffer - Can anyone help with this plzzzzzzz

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New to Iroffer - Can anyone help with this plzzzzzzz

Postby evo7 » Sat Sep 21, 2002 11:30 am

HI im new to Iroffer, i would like to set up a nice chan on Irc with some Bot's

I have got at far as i know i need to install iroffer onto the pc's that will be the bot's, i have gotten a config file that will set them up for me, what i need to find out is...

how do i load this config file to the Iroffer so that when iroffer is started the config file just runs withount me having to go into a dos prompt and then into iroffer and then running the config file for it to work....& also how do i make the Iroffer start up evertime windows starts, could i add into the windows dir and then add a command in the registory? how would i do this ?

Thanks all

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