Bind-9.2.3 HELP !

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Bind-9.2.3 HELP !

Postby <dave337> » Sun Feb 15, 2004 1:21 am

Trying to setup Bind-9.2.3 on Panther.
Tis proving rather interesting to say the least.

Any ideas?

Think i've got most of it sussed but if theres any DNS / Bind
gurus on here this might be a good spot for newby
MS escapees to learn what basic steps to take and where
to look for help for more detail if need be?

And considering i have little clue still it will help me immenselly [img]images/icons/smile.gif"%20border="0[/img] think i'm close cos it's asking for keys the SOA etc looks
in shape fingers crossed touch would i've put everything right.

But any pointers would be great PS the machine in question is
a G5.

Re: Bind-9.2.3 HELP !

Postby apex » Thu Feb 19, 2004 10:55 pm

Have you gotten it running, or are yuo getting errors? If the latter, what errors are you getting?
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Re: Bind-9.2.3 HELP !

Postby <dave337> » Sun Feb 22, 2004 11:37 am

It was coming up syntax error in line1
but i think that was due to using th wrong conf script.

So scrap that because now the systems been wiped
and starting fresh i'm running Mac OSX 10.3.3
(Panther) Meow

Whats the best approach for first install in my case?
As now i'm getting errors that it needs two certain files
each time i ./configure.
I think its something i've forgotten to install.

But in case it's not whats the best most common approach?

So far i thought it was just a case of put the expanded
folder into /etc?

Then going to X11 or terminal and getting to /etc then
typing ./configure?

Does that sound about right so far?

The instructions for me seemed very vague in all documentation supplied.

Cross references to this that and the other.
But not terribly helpfull in my case.

Most examples are localhost and not much
help in some cases for www.

Re: Bind-9.2.3 HELP !

Postby blarson » Thu Apr 08, 2004 6:55 pm

I'm assuming that you have done the following:

#Downloaded the BIND-9.2.3 sources
tar xvfz bind-9.2.3.tar.gz
cd bind-9.2.3
# read the "README" file

Once you have completed this you should have all of the BIND executables that you can install on your system by running "make install".

By default, the "named" executable will be in "/usr/local/sbin/named", There may already be a "/usr/sbin/named", so you should make sure that you specify the full path name for the daemon that you want to run. Other utilities, such as "dig", will be found in "/usr/local/bin". MacOS X also provides their own "dig" command, so again, watch what version of the utility is actually executed.

Now, you are saying that you are getting a "syntax error in line 1". Exactly what is being reported? We aren't so good as to know what your system is telling you without a little bit of explaination.

What errors are you receiving when "that it needs two certain files each time i ./configure". Did you install the complete Apple Developers Tools? Nothing outside of the system files and the BIND sources are needed to compile BIND, so this really isn't making sense - unless you didn't actually run the "./configure" script.

You say "getting to /etc then typing ./configure", but you shouldn't be in /etc when you run the ./configure script. You need to be in the top level directory of the BIND sources to run this script. And, if you were in /etc when you did this, you should have received a "no such file or directory" message.

Two things to consider,

1. If you are serious about running your own DNS operations, you need to get a copy of "DNS & BIND" by Cricket Liu. Check for ordering information. This is the BIBLE for anyone that is trying to manage their own DNS services.

2. There is an excellent forum for discussing BIND/DNS problems. This is the "" and "" mailing lists. These lists are read by the top people in the world dealing with DNS and BIND, including the authors of the BIND software. You can't get any better help - they are also friendly. Check at for how to subscribe to these lists.
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