>console mode problems (screen/ncurses & keyboard map)

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>console mode problems (screen/ncurses & keyboard map)

Postby dramius » Tue Sep 06, 2005 8:26 am

Ok so obviously since the keyboard on ibooks(PB too? don't know) don't _have_ the page up/down, home/end, keys, one does not expect them to work in console mode. But in X11 (while in aqua) it has a preference to set it to the system mapped keyboard, so I was wondering if there was anyway to get >console to use the system map. Also has anyone ever had problems with screen and ncurses, I used a lot of ncurses based programs on my mac and they never draw quite correctly or refresh properly. Sometime outside of screen they don't draw nearly as they're supposed to,(formatting is all wrong, color is non-existant)but while in screen they usually draw proper(refresh and/or menu driven apps are kind of screwed). Any ideas? perhaps it's just the screen I have, I'm thinking(I'll probably test soon now that I've thought of this) if I ssh'd into my linux box and screen'ed there and use the apps that would solve something, but that's just a quick fix as I don't want to have to open ports to the outside world just so I can use certain programs remotely when they "should" run just fine under OSX.

Note: I posted this somewhere else as well, but since there's not a whole lot of information on the subject (detailed enough to help me solve it), I decided to ask anywhere that it was remotely relevant to the problem.
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