Mirroring Local Disks OSX Server

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Mirroring Local Disks OSX Server

Postby ramrod » Sun Sep 29, 2002 2:48 am


I've just configured an OSX dual 1Ghz G4. I put four 120GB disks in it striped into 2 raid level 0 volumes. One volume I want to share as the file service for a magazine publishing operation.

The other identically configured, bootable volume I want to leave unshared. I want to mirror all files by command line of some sort to always have duplicate data on the second back-up disk. Then I'm doing retrospect on the data every night.

The question is, how is the best way to do that with two local volumes. Also, forgive my ignorance as I need some decent direction on the syntax of the command line. I'm really not that good at the terminal yet but I am learning. I have used Wget to do similar things but in a remote situation, I didn't know if that would be an appropriate tool given this is two local volumes I want to mirror. Any ideas and help would be greatly apprecxiated.

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