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UPDATE 2022: The new owners of the Pittock Block (1547) are jacking up the pricing by 40-50-60-70% or more AND another 5% per year. We highly suggest avoiding this facility at all costs because how can you know what your pricing will be when they will almost double your rate with days of notice?

It's been a good ride but I bet the old owners are extremely upset at this money grab and complete lack of care for clients like us who have been paying each month for 12+ years.

Our hardware is located on the West Coast in the Portland Network Access Point aka Pittock Internet Exchange, the largest fiber-optic exchange point in Oregon. This is the only fully carrier-neutral data center in Oregon with the largest network footprint of any provider in Oregon. The Pittock is a Class A building with generator backup, through-floor air conditioning, keycard locks and biometric scanning, video monitoring, redundant UPS battery backup and generator backup.


OC-192 redundant fiber optic connections link our data center to the Internet backbone and provide gobs of bandwidth and network capacity for maximum reliability and scalability.


Electricity in the data center is conditioned and filtered by multiple redundant UPS (uninterruptible power supply) systems with dual Grid Feeds and six Primaries to city of Portland utility power substations and on-site generation, which provides power during electrical outages. If needed, the generator can supply electrical power to the entire data center.


Multiple 15-20 ton, fully redundant HVAC environmental cooling systems with humidity control ensure that the data center is always operating at a temperature for optimum server performance. Raised floors allow for efficient cooling distribution via the Central N+1 Plant.