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We are knowledgeable and helpful to an extent far surpassing other ISP's. We know this for a fact because we have been where you are now and have experienced the poor service firsthand. You'll find more information here about us, our services, our history, and our network than any other provider will show you. We believe in blatant honesty and fairness. If you don't find what you're looking for, let us know, and we will do our best to help you in any way we can.

But don't take our word for it, listen to our clients:

Thank you for going the extra mile. I don't think I've ever had such incredible customer service from an IT company, or any company. You rock!
Kimberly P. - Oct 26th 2011 (4x Dedicated Servers)

Thank you! I'm loving Forked. Night and day compared to iinet :) Not just customer service, either.
Steve H. - April 1st 2011 (Colocation)

By the way, I am very, very, very happy with the server and the bandwidth you have. Things are incredibly smooth. It took me 5 days to install xen server, load the ISOs, load the latest ubuntu 10, learned the differences between ubuntu 10 vs ubuntu 8 (painful), loaded XP, and starting to move my sites off the Medford facility and onto this server. And through every step of the process, I was fearing the big downloads, or slow ftp connections.. quite the opposite. Sync-ing the websites with our latest php always took forever on the Medford server ; here a full site is sync’ed in less than 1 minute.

So thank you for living up to your promises. I am looking forward to the future.

Max D. - June 26th 2010 (Medium Business Dedicated Server)

Thanks again for your great service and amazing uptime. Your service has become the backbone of our company and Im so very glad I went with you guys.
Mike Bundy - - Dec 19th 2009 (Medium Business Dedicated Server)

I have been a customer for years.  I like the freedom of having our own dedicated server at Forked.  Linux Fund has good technical people and Forked has given us the freedom to use our server the way we want without the unnecessary restrictions that I have encountered elsewhere.  On the other hand, Forked has been there to give us a helping hand anytime we have needed it; although this has been rare because Forkeds' services (power, internet connectivity, and bandwidth) have been so reliable. David Mandel - and related sites - Dec 10th, 2009 (1U server based two Dual Core Xeon processors)

Thank you for your diligent support. Your service is top-notch, we have no complaints.
Jane Fleck - - July 16th, 2009 (2.5Ghz Core 2 Quad and 2.8Ghz Dual Core Dedicated Servers)

Your setup is outstanding. I'm very happy!
Chris Brooks - PPCS Consulting - January 25th, 2007 (2.8Ghz Dual Core Dedicated Server)

I've been with forked for about a year now and have noted an EXCEPTIONAL uptime and speed that was advertised and apparently easily attained. The prices are among some of the best you'll find anywhere on the net and the service is bar none the best I've ever received from a coloc. The over the top service has involved meeting me after hours, lots of assistance in giving me access when I was having difficulty getting my box up and very quick and personal responses to my queries.
There is no way I'd consider any other service as long as these guys are around.

Travis Ogden - InfoHammer.NET - December 31st, 2005 (1U Colocation)

Forked networking is perfect! Up time, knowledgeable technicians, and unbeatable Portland area pricing.
Richard Cernava, Technical Director - December 28th, 2005 (1U Colo & Mac Mini Colo)

Things are going great. I get a satisfied feeling every time I think about Which is largely related to the fact that I almost never have to think about You rule. I am very pleased to hear it's working for you as well.
Dennis West - December 28th, 2006 (Mac Mini Colocation)

I asked Dennis if I could use his email message on this page and here's what he said:
Knock yourself out. In fact you can make up any kind of praise you like and I will sign it. I don't think you need praise for your site. Your services speak for themselves. You have a great informative site and who could complain about your prices or reliability? Some day I will write a poem about and how much I like it. Hope you will put it on your site if I ever get around to it.

Always great to work with! Thanks so much!
Desiree Asher - March 16th, 2005 (1.2Ghz Celeron Dedicated Server)

Good uptime, friendly service, price are competitive. Tech support a+
Amy Johnson - March 7th, 2005 (Five 2.4Ghz P4's Dedicated Servers)

The team at forked is amazing, and has been nothing but helpful with every move i have decided to make with my server. From the painless setup to the technical questions. Everything has been handled in a prompt & professional manner!
Michael Streko - March 6th, 2005 (3.0Ghz P4 Dedicated Server)

Forked is a great service! The technical support is awsome. Thanks!
Mike K - March 4th, 2005 (3.0Ghz P4 Dedicated Server)

After having experienced's service for a couple months they are great. We havn't experienced any problems and the Technical Support Staff has bent over backwards to help us with some of our own problems. Thanks! - October 23rd, 2004

Thanks for getting me set up so quickly and easily.
Ajesh - - October 9th, 2004

Yours is an excellent situation and I'm very glad to be doing business with you.
Al Asher - June 23rd, 2004

i have been a forked customer for years. their support and service has been over the years awesome. i recommend them to my own customers for hosting. i stand behind them 100% and would recommend them to anyone.
Tom Fuller - - February 5th, 2004

You are very fast thank you for your prompt and fast service
efpba - November 27th, 2003

I'm just happy to finally have a good host and someone to recommend to friends.
Adam Patterson -, - August 26th, 2003

thanks :) man i swear you are the best host i've ever delt with :) (i've delt through lots while doing werk for other ppl.. just never for myself..)
Christien Lomax - December 4th, 2002

If only I could get an ISP as good as you. I have dsl at home, but at work I'm forced to keep a lame-o dialup with a company that's just awful. Their phonelines go down for a day about once a month. Their customer service is clueless (oh? our modems are down? I'll have to check into that, can you call back in an hour??)
Sean O - - December 18th, 2001

Thanks for your help--I appreciate you going beyond the call.
Chris - - September 16th, 2001